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Keel Boat Courses:
For Keel boats we offer NZ Yachting courses.

The NZ Yachting syllabus courses are aboard a Davidson 20 Yacht, they are just 2 people plus an
instructor and can be run on dates to suit you.
These courses are 2 or 3 days on the water instruction then 3 days cruising by yourself to practice
your new skills, price includes accommodation on board, course material but no meals.

The Coastal Skipper courses are on board the Raven 31 foot Yachts with a maximum of 4 people plus instructor per course.
These are 5 days on the water full instruction and cost includes all accommodation, meals and course materials.
These courses are run on certain dates listed below but please contact us as new courses are opening
all the time.
1. The 5 day adventure sail, NZ Yachting Level 1 certificate. 2 days instruction and 3 days cruising in the Bay of Islands with one of our Davidson 20 yachts, maximum 2 students per course. Includes accommodation for 4 nights.
…This course may change your life…

2. The 6 day NZ Yachting Level 2 certificate.
3 days instruction plus 3 days cruising by your self with one of our Davidson 20 or Noelex 25 yachts maximum 2 students per boat.
Inlcludes 5 nights accommodation.
…The more you know the easier the holiday…

6. YNZ Coastal Skipper.
5 days live aboard includes all meals, accommodation and course materials, minimum 2 and maximum 4 students per boat

Cost $690.00 per person

Cost $860.00 per person

Cost $1490.00 per person

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